Bus Rental FAQ

1.  We only need the vehicle for 2 hours?
The cost for all vehicles is for up to 4 hours.   Top
2.  Can we make an "unscheduled" stop?
Yes! It's YOUR day, let the driver know of any last minute changes and we will accommodate.   Top
3.  Is there a deposit required at booking?
Yes, there is a deposit and final payment is due 30 days prior to the event.  Top
4.  Is the 81 passenger Double Decker available for weddings?
Yes. All vehicle sizes are available for Wedding Charters.   Top
5.  Can we drink on the vehicle?
Yes, plastic/ metal containers only. No kegs or glass.  Top
6.  Can you provide suggestions for photo stops?
Yes, we provide wedding transportation all year long and would be happy to offer suggestions!   Top
7.  What if we need more than (4) hours?
All Vehicles carry a hourly charge over the (4) hour minimum, check with sales if your itinerary will run over (4) hours.  Top
8.  Can we make more than 1 trip from the reception to the Hotel in the evening?
You can make as many trips as your time allotment will allow.   Top
9.  Can we get a school bus or van for our wedding?
Yes. All vehicle sizes are available for Wedding charters.  Top
10.  Do you require a damage deposit?
Only for School Buses. In the event that there is damage, extra charges could apply.  Top
11.  Is there a mileage charge?
In the Madison or Milwaukee area 4 hours is yours to use, no mileage charge unless out of the immediate area. Call sales if you're out of the Madison or Milwaukee regional area.  Top
12.  Do you require an exact itinerary?
Our goal is to make your day very special, the more information you can provide, such as times and locations, the more we can make everything run smoothly.  Top
13.  What does the price include?
All charges except for Driver Gratuity, which is at your discretion.   Top
14.  Can we decorate the vehicle?
Yes! Decorations inside are ok, no tape on the exterior paint, no materials inside that can damage upholstry.  Top
15.  How many passengers will the Trolley hold?
Trolleys are rated for 35 passengers.  Top
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