The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.

As we begin to get buses back on the road we have enhanced our procedures and protocols for cleaning and disinfecting our fleet to the standards recommended by the CDC using EPA-approved products.

Certified Sanitized at the start of each day
Attention to Critical Touch Points
10-point Disinfection multiple times per day
CDC/EPA Approved Disinfectants
36-Point Disinfection daily at days end
Disinfectant Fog/Misting

We start every day with a fully sanitized Badger Bus. Throughout the day, your driver attends to Critical Touch Points in the vehicle to help protect your health. At the end of the day, the vehicle receives a deep, detailed disinfection to achieve our standard for the start of the next day. Maintenance crews perform disinfection of the vehicle’s HVAC system to further ensure our standards are met.

To ensure safety for all of our guests, we follow strict daily sanitation procedures that include:

✓ Fully Disinfected Coaches & Mini-Buses
✓ Hand Sanitizer Stations Available
✓ Sanitizing wipes available to all riders
✓ CDC/EPA Approved Disinfectants
✓ Attention to Critical Touch Points
✓ Complete Coach Disinfectant Fogging
✓ Passenger Facemasks recommended
✓ Attention to Detail
✓ Industry Best Practices
✓ Comprehensive Driver Training
✓ Commitment to Professional Care