How to read the Badger Bus schedule. At first glance you might find our schedule intimidating, but it's actually quite easy. Take the Madison to Milwaukee schedule- the first row lists our UW Madison N Lake St stop, on the same row, second column you'll see the first departure at 10:00AM on Friday with departures at 1PM and 4PM. Reading down from the 10:00AM departure, following the arrows on the Friday column and you'll see the first trip stops at Goerke's Corners at 11:15 and at Mitchell Airport at 11:55.  

**please remember to arrive 15mins prior to the scheduled departure.**



Madison  ⇄ Milwaukee Schedule

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UW Madison Campus - N Lake St10:00AM🠗 1:00PM🠗 4:00PM 🠗9:30AM🠗 3:00PM🠗1:00PM🠗 4:00PM🠗 8:30PM🠗4:00PM🠗4:00PM🠗4:00PM🠗4:00PM🠗
Johnson Creek10:35AM🠗 1:35PM🠗 4:35PM🠗10:05AM🠗 3:35PM🠗1:35PM🠗 4:35PM🠗 9:05PM🠗4:35PM🠗4:35PM🠗4:35PM🠗4:35PM🠗
Goerke's Corners11:15AM🠗 2:15PM🠗 5:20PM🠗10:45AM🠗 4:15PM🠗2:15PM🠗 5:15PM🠗 9:45PM🠗5:20PM🠗5:20PM🠗5:20PM🠗5:20PM🠗
MILWAUKEE INTERMODAL11:30AM🠗 2:30PM🠗 5:40PM🠗11:00AM🠗 4:30PM🠗2:30PM🠗 5:30PM🠗 10:00PM🠗5:40PM🠗5:40PM🠗5:40PM🠗5:40PM🠗
Mitchell Airport11:55AM 2:55PM 6:15PM11:25AM 4:55PM2:55PM 5:55PM 10:25PM 6:15PM6:15PM6:15PM6:15PM

Mitchell Airport7:35AM🠗 1:05PM🠗 3:30PM🠗11:45AM🠗 5:15PM🠗1:35PM🠗 3:35PM🠗 6:05PM🠗1:05PM🠗1:05PM🠗1:05PM🠗1:05PM🠗
MILWAUKEE INTERMODAL8:00AM🠗 1:30PM🠗 4:00PM🠗12:10PM🠗 5:40PM🠗2:00PM🠗 4:00PM🠗 6:30PM🠗1:30PM🠗1:30PM🠗1:30PM🠗1:30PM🠗
Goerke's Corners8:15AM🠗 1:45PM🠗 4:20PM🠗12:25PM🠗 5:55PM🠗2:15PM🠗 4:15PM🠗 6:45PM🠗1:45PM🠗1:45PM🠗1:45PM🠗1:45PM🠗
Johnson Creek8:50AM🠗 2:20PM🠗 4:50PM🠗1:00PM🠗 6:30PM🠗2:45PM🠗 4:45PM🠗 7:20PM🠗2:20PM🠗2:20PM🠗2:20PM🠗2:20PM🠗
UW Madison Campus - N Lake St9:30AM 3:00PM 5:40PM1:40PM 7:10PM3:30PM 5:30PM 8:00PM 3:00PM3:00PM3:00PM3:00PM

Minneapolis / Madison Schedule

Madison to Minneapolis - Friday and Sunday service
UW Madison - N Lake St10:00AM🠗10:00AM🠗
Eau Claire - UW Campus12:45PM🠗12:45PM🠗
Menomonie - Walmart Parking Lot1:15PM🠗1:15PM🠗
Mall of America - IKEA - Bloomington2:45PM🠗2:45PM🠗
U of MN Campus3:00PM3:00PM

Minneapolis to Madison - Friday and Sunday service
Mall of America - IKEA - Bloomington2:45PM🠗2:45PM🠗
U of MN Campus3:15PM🠗3:15PM🠗
Menomonie - Walmart Parking Lot4:25PM🠗4:25PM🠗
Eau Claire - UW Campus5:00PM🠗5:00PM🠗
UW Madison - N Lake St8:00PM8:00PM